Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Lady !!

The colour of fire flame top combined with steel grey slacks and high heels...

The lady looked very elegant and confident in her walk... The face had a confidence packed with a smile and hairs falling from the sides trying to protect her from the world... Clear cut in her mind... The curves well hideen in the loose top left to the imagination of the beholder... Head quite high she walked as if she owned her life... Beholder was mesmerised by the overall elegance which had quite a naughty side to itself that he found it disrespectful to imagine the curves...

She moved to lead the world yet she held the hand of the beholder to be lead by him...

Best experience the beholder could have ever had...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friendship is !Contract

Yesterday only I was discussing with one of my friends that it has been long since I got a good topic to blog. Looks like fate was with me that today I have a wonderful topic to blog.

It starts with a quote - I want to end this friendship because I do not have fun while with you - from a very intelligent friend of mine. Sorry, past friend.

This statement has redefined the friendship. Indeed, it changes the old age saying - A friend in need is a friend indeed - to the following - A friend in need is the only friend !!

It has defined friendship as a contract. A contract which follows following guidelines -
  • One must BE funny and entertaining.
  • One must NEVER share problems.
  • One must NEVER have any problems with the person upfront.
  • One must talk softly.
  • One must never be truthful to the other.
    and so on and on.
You know what I think about this - BULLSHIT !!

Friendship is not a contract that you can terminate as soon as one of the conditions is violated. It is about adjustment, acceptance, denial, discussion, love, fights, care and what not. It is about mutual understanding and trust. It is above all humans individualism. It is the second best relationship in the world.

Tip as u Toe

Well after a long time I am writing.

All this time I was busy having fun with my life. It is almost the end of my two brightest years. I have been out from my home for past 6 years but these two years of management diploma have taught me the most.

Let me say that I met people with as random thought process as one can see. Sometimes I convinced them, at other times I got convinced. I surrendered quite a few times too. I realised one has to be flexible to survive as much as one needs to be firm.

It is an amazing thing that while I was in last year of engineering college, it happened to be time of recession and did not get a job which left me with no choice other than joining an mba college.

Dunno about how much of acads will I be able to remember but one thing is for sure that I am not what I was 2 years back and definitely not what I was 6 years back.

As I am about to leave from here, I think there are a last few lessons to be learnt and so I am learning. Guess, Learning never stops.

However, there is some percentage of people I always keep away from - the cowards. These are the people who run away from things, people, situations; who never try to face things and are so adamant with their apprehensions that suffocates the living being within them. A person may not suffocate so much in a smoky room.

We all commit mistakes and yes we wish not to repeat them but not repeating is one thing and completely changing the course of travel is another. These are cowards who deny to walk on the path because they tipped on their foot enroute.

Life is never interesting unless you tip because until u tip and give your thought process a shock, you will not discover yourself. Discovering is the key, mates.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Bite

It is difficult to forget the past. Things, good or bad, keep coming back to me no matter how hard we try to get past by them. I hate it when it comes back to me for I know I will get hurt again. Each and every instance of it bites me. The center, The Yana's, The CCD, The run, The Quark fest, That Stall at Quark, The auditorium, The White, The Majorda beach visit, The Annapurna Hotel, The Panjim Bus Station, The Quater-deck...

Sometimes I wonder why did it happen. At other times I am glad that it happened. Such is the irony of life ! :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chatpati 'CHAT'

I sit here on my bed. It is 10:00a.m., on 20th November 2009. I am viewing status messages of people on my gtalk and I come across some interesting ones, such as -

-Indore doesn't seem to have too many Bloggers...but my mission is to create them not to find them:)
-One line C++ code to prevent titanic from sinking: declare float titanic :) :)
-cant sit still :D NY calling!
-Kondu Wada
-jaane teri aankhen thi ya baatein thi wajah.. hue tum jo dil ki aarzoo...
-On honeymoon with PS3 at HDTV :)
-the stuff's here, its just time now that separates us
-Be careful what u ask 4... xcess in any form is bad... and xcess in certain forms can kill u :)
and so on...

Some people keep going transforming from green to red or red to green, idle to green or green to idle, red to idle or idle to red. Some are stable at some or the other colour for relatively longer period.
Instant messengers have become one of the important means of communicating. If internet shares 70% of human networking, instant messengers account for 70% among them and Gtalk proudly takes its 70% share in that. (Source for these statistics is highly reliable and confidential to be revealed :D)

Instant messaging is the best way to express oneself. Through it, one can say just anything without facing that anxiety it produces when said on face. You can just abuse someone, and he can ignore that. If one does not wish to see anyone bugging them (who are added by mistake) they can always block them. You choose whose request to accept whose not. However, people are very smart not to reveal their identity in their e-mail id.

Emoticons have given an advantage to express freely just for the sake of it. You can not laugh and yet give a :D smiley to the other person and fool him.

You like someone, you are afraid to call her up. You are scared that what if "calling sometimes" become frequent and it smells fishy to her. So you just get her e-mail id and sit there staring at that display pic of hers. However, you are still afraid to ping her but you are relaxed for u realise her presence.

"...wanna make it clear to you i always talk to u as a frnd..."

BOOOOM!!!! Goes the mind :O :O Does she really mean what she said... or am I thinking too much... WHAT DOES SHE MEAN BY FRIEND!! AM I SOMEONE SPECIAL. OH I WOULD NOT MIND BUT WHETHER I AM?? aaaaaaaah whatever it is time to be YEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEYE !!! \m/ (but WHYYYYY????)
You like her... You think she may also have similar feelings... You try to figure out ways to find it... Everyone becomes SHERLOCK HOLMES and all statistics and figures are calculated. Never would have done it for an MM case but yeah definitely you will sing theories of optimism and likeliness right now.

Next day u see her sitting with someone and ur heart goes DHAK DHAK DHAK DHAK DHAK DHAK DHAK DHAK!! You are upset, sad, do not want to see her but back she comes online with that sweet display picture and you forget all the agonies... BACK you are to your excitement level.

Another thing with instant messaging: You DO NOT want your older family members to be there. You are afraid to put various status messages for if they see them they become CBI. They raid your privacy and ask sorts of questions: what?? why?? who?? etc etc.

They are also worried about you being sitting 24x7x52 online and keep complaining.

"Oh man my mom-dad. They don’t leave me alone. Am 19 for God's sake! Give me some privacy. Will you??"

Abey DHAKKAN!! You want privacy?? You have been running all naked in front of them for so many years of life and now when, thanks to them, you know your sense of privacy, you want them to be the first one to give you your privacy!!

But yeah there are sometimes when we do not wish to be disturbed. But that is not because of desire of privacy but of the desire to handle our problems ourselves. At least for me!

AAAAH MAN!! Instant messaging is highly deceptive. It really gets you crazy. All the times!!

I am an ardent user of G-talk. It is a synonym of instant messaging for me. My friends joke of me becoming an ambassador of G-talk. HAHA!!

Hey Lary Page & Sergey Brin! Are you guys reading this?? ;-)

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Confused Chronology

Looks like I finally got something to scribble

Well I am currently at IMT Nagpur. (Please google about it).

MBA program is completely different from any course in this world. You read books but do not cram it. You understand things but understand their implications in real world and not in hypothetical problems.

This course brings about a change in your personality. I could notice change within 3months of my joining.

B school is a perfect place if u wish to meet a good blend of people. I call it a good blend of people because you meet all kinds in everyone. You meet friendly, caring, opportunist, rude, attitude driven, modest, cool, carefree, cunning, wicked, buggers and many more types of people.

I have met a lot in these 3.5 months. Whoa that sounds like some proper time utilization.

A new place has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage - I get to experiment your ideas. I meet people from varied backgrounds. I meet people ranging from 19yrs to 29 yrs of age.

Disadvantage - There are people to grab any opportunity even snatch from your hand. Many people are manipulative and hence easy going people need to pay a price to them. You try new things. You try new stupidities. You pay a heavy toll.

Are you really getting the essence of what am I trying to say??
If not, we are on same boat :)

Well, recently I have committed few mistakes. Few which can be rectified and few which will make me pay for my life.

The factors which make you commit msitakes - Ignorance and Trust

In my ignorance I did a very stupid thing and then I trusted someone and am paying a price for both... may be for life now

Few days back I had my birthday. My colleagues from a committee celebrated my birthday. I cut a cake. However, I would like to think it as an obligation but truth is that may be they really wanted to celebrate that I was born. well I am glad that they displayed a little affection.

Well the real shock was still on its way. My corridor mates, everyone of whom I am good with, did not even bother to order a cake for me. I did not cut a cake with my so-called friends. I wished to feel the center of attraction but I was not. My roomie had thrown a party the previous night. I went there and few wished me. Rest came along just to whack my ass.

It has been the worst birthday of my life till date and I do not wish to face any worse.

I know it is rude to say that and am sorry for all of those who really were happy that I was born. But do not u get sad when u do not get what u deserve.

I do not have a group as such in this place. May be that is what is called professional college.


I am a big introvert and I really need people around me who really care about me.

You know I share my birthdate with my PAPA... That was the only reason for me to be glad on this birthday.

It is hard sometimes to believe that your one stupid activity ruins ur relationships.

DAMN IT !! I am a human. Do not I have a right to be forgiven !!??

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

General Education Vs. Technical Education

Education is the absorption of knowledge from the accessible sources for the complete development of mind, body and soul. It is impractical to think of gaining knowledge about everything that exists. To ease in the process of education, it is bifurcated into general and technical. General education deals with the moral development of the learners whereas technical education is job oriented.

General education aims at imparting knowledge stemming from various sources. It is the process that teaches a student to think critically, develop values, understand traditions, respect diverse cultures and opinions and use knowledge for the edification of society. It is holistic, integrative and must be implemented. General education renders a person socially functional.

Technical education imparts theoretical and practical knowledge for the purpose of economic progress of the individual. It is highly specialised and fractioned.
Technical knowledge equips a person with necessary skills and techniques to have an edge in the cut-throat competitive environment. The dependence on technology even for small jobs has raised the necessity to learn more about technology. Moreover, day-to-day developments in science and technology have increased the fields of knowledge and thus the number of people required for the job.

General education and technical education are exclusive of each other but complementary. For the complete development of the individual, there is a necessity of a balance between the two. A person needs to grow into partially independent and socially acceptable entity. It will also help the society to develop in all aspects and also the nation.